School Etiquette

Tae Kwon Do & Muay Thai

Traditions serve in reminding us of the rich history behind the martial arts and how this protocol might have developed. Tradition shows us where we were yesterday and where we might be tomorrow. Some traditions, such as the bow and Wai (hands together over your heart) performed by martial artists before entering the workout room, have been retained because they show respect and humility. Most Martial artist or competitors before a sparring match bow to one another and perhaps even touch gloves as a sign of respect. An eastern ritual, the bow and Wai have been passed though time and has become a tradition.  To maintain martial arts tradition, the followings are rules and etiquette that all students should follow:

Rules of Etiquette for Our School

  1. Students should show respect for instructor(s) by bowing or “Wai” as he enters and leaves the classroom. It is also traditional to show respect and courtesy for your instructors by address “Sir” or “Ma’am”.
  2. Students should address instructor as following:
    • Tae Kwon Do student should address Master instructor as “Sa Bum Nim”.
    • Muay Thai students should address teacher as “Khun Kru”.

  3. One should bow when entering or leaving the classroom. This is also a traditional show of respect for your place of training. We, the students, should also show the same courtesy and respect for each other.
  4. This is our school and we should show our pride in our school by making an effort to keep our uniform neat and clean. Appropriate clean uniforms need to be worn to each formal class.
    Tae Kwon Do students wear clean white Do Bok (uniform).
    Muay Thai students wear Muay Thai Short and School or Muay Thai shirt.
  5. Smoking, drinking, gum and food will not be permitted in the work out area.
  6. After class has begun, students will not enter or leave the classroom without first being recognized and given permission by the person conducting the class. Please also remember to sign in  your attendance for each class.
  7. Students arriving early should quietly warm up until time for class to begin. Horseplay and loud talking will not be permitted in the school. Discipline is part of your training and should be adhered to by all students.
  8. These suggestions and rules are for your benefit as well as the schools, and we would appreciate your help and cooperation in maintaining a professional atmosphere for your training.