Summer Camp

BBUSA Summer Camp is truly one of a kind. It’s a lot more than just having a great time training in the art of Tae Kwon Do. It’s about kids’ self-defense, relaxation and having fun doing a variety of activities such as swimming, sporting games, and field trips. 

We have designed this inventive Camp to expand upon things that we don't usually get to do in regular class. Every week at camp your child will have a balanced experience of learning new arts and skills

Our Main Focus

1. Martial Arts: Traditional Tae Kwon Do, Weapon training (Long staff & Nunchuck) Freestyle Martial Arts and Muay Thai Kick Boxing. This training is a blend of the most current & popular Martial Arts for Kids.  Your child will learn how to be very focused, disciplined, and confident—giving them the opportunity to learn how to put their whole heart into what they are doing.

2. Kid’s Safety; Bully Self Defense, Conflict Resolution Training & Stranger Danger Awareness. The outcome of a "Bully Attack" or assault of any kind is usually determined by the child's ability to psychologically deal with the situation. Through helpful Conflict Role Playing, Games, Fear Management Skills and Hands-on Self Protection Techniques, your child will play out and deal with some of the difficult situations they may face while at school, in the neighborhood, or in their lives in general.

3. Flexibility Training: Anatomy Awareness & Stretching Games. Through different postures and playful poses the children will increase their concentration with a sense of playfulness, freedom and creative imagination. There are Yoga poses that mimic animals and aspects of nature. The training offers breathing exercises to help stretch and relax every part of the body. The kids will increase muscular strength, develop strong, limber and healthy bodies as well as learn basic anatomy.

4. Sports & Games: Kickball and Games! The Kids will learn to have a ball without becoming a goof ball.

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