Tae Kwon Do Study Guides - Blue Belt Kids

Note: All students  ages 12 and younger are expected to know everything on this page. This shouldn't  be too difficult, since most of it is used in every class meeting. If, however,  this is unattainable for any reason, please speak with Master King or Dr. King  to have the problem resolved.

This academy's student creed is:

We, the students of this academy,...

  1. Will discipline our minds and bodies in the martial arts way.
  2. Will stand together in a common bond of disciplined friendship.
  3. Will highly respect the rules of this school and obey the instructor, so we will bring only honor to our academy and no dishonor on ourselves.

Why do we practice basic techniques and poomses?

  • Basics and forms build an important base for getting good results in all areas of Tae Kwon Do. Poomses help our strength, coordination (how well we use our hands and feet), agility (balance), and other important skills.

Why do we practice stretching?

  • Stretching exercises are necessary because they make us feel good. Stretching also helps us to kick higher and faster.

What does the color blue on the blue belt mean?

  • Blue signifies the color of the sky; reaching high, youth, and ambition (having ambition means having goals and dreams for your future).

What is the meaning of Tae Keuk Oh Jahng, the blue belt poomse?

  • The meaning of Tae Keuk Oh Jahng is “Wind”. At times, wind is a gentle force, but at other times wind can be furious, destroying everything in its path (like a tornado or a hurricane). This poomse should be performed with great power, like the wind.