Tae Kwon Do Study Guides - Green Belt Adults

Korean Words About Tae Kwon Do:

  • Keuk Pa — Breaking
  • Ho Sin Sol — Self-Defense
  • Keyroo Ki — Sparring

What part of the foot do you use in a hook kick?

  • The back heel or the bottom of the foot.

What do all the colors and shapes of the American Flag mean?

  • Red — Courage (bravery), war, and blood
  • White — Truth, freedom, and purity (excellence)
  • Blue — Justice (fairness) and ambition (hope)
  • The 13 Stripes — The 13 Original Colonies
  • The 50 Stars — The 50 States

What does the color green on the green belt mean?

  • Green is the color of spring. In the springtime, everything starts to grow. Now that you are a green belt, you are growing in Tae Kwon Do!

What is the meaning of Tae Keuk Sam Jahng, the green belt poomse?

  • The meaning of Tae Keuk Sam Jahng is “Fire”. Fire has a lot of energy in it, and this form has a lot of energy in it too. When you perform this poomse, perform it with a lot of energy — just like fire.