Tae Kwon Do Study Guides - High Blue Belt Adults

Note: All students  ages 13 and older are expected to know everything on this page. This shouldn't  be too difficult, since most of it is used in every class meeting. If, however,  this is unattainable for any reason, please speak with Master King or Dr. King  to have the problem resolved.

What is Um and Yang?


A long time ago, nature was man's worst enemy. So, people decided to study nature to understand it and avoid getting hurt by it. They discovered many things, including something that we call Um and Yang (or Yin and Yang in Chinese). Um and Yang is the idea that everything has an opposite, and without opposites, there would be no harmony or balance. A world without harmony and balance means that there would be no such thing as up and down, light and dark, or hot and cold. Um and Yang represent the things that make the world a balanced place to live. For example, Um represents darkness, and Yang represents light. Um is cold, and Yang is hot. Um is the opposite of Yang, and Yang is the opposite of Um. Together, Um and Yang make everything peaceful. In Short, Um and Yang is how we describe balance, harmony, and peacefulness in nature.

Why do we practice control in free sparring?

  • Control in free sparring is a mental discipline that shows people that you can control yourself.

Why do we practice sparring and one step self defense?

  • We spar and practice one-steps to learn good offense and defense, precision (aim), control of distance, and reaction time.

What is the meaning of Tae Keuk Yook Jahng, the high blue belt poomse?

  • The meaning of Tae Keuk Yook Jahng is “Water”. It may sound wimpy at first, but flowing water can actually move mountains. This poomse should be performed like water: calmly and serenely in some parts, but violent and turbulently in others.