Tae Kwon Do Study Guides - High Green Belt Kids

Why do we practice the breathing exercise when we do a poomse?

  • An effective technique begins with relaxation for speed and ends with tightness for strength. When a technique is practiced both ways separately — with relaxation first and later with strength — effectiveness for that technique ensues.

Why do we practice strength and relaxation techniques?

  • We control our breathing to give ourselves mental and physical strength and endurance.

What are the meanings of the shapes and colors in the Korean flag?

  • Koreans call their flag Tae Guk-Ki. The Korean flag represents peace and balance.
  • The black bars in the corners of the flag represent things that are opposite to each other.
  • The upper left corner represents Heaven, and the opposite diagonal corner represents earth.
  • The upper right corner represents water, and the opposite diagonal corner represents fire.
  • In the middle of these extremities is Eum-Yang — the symbol of balance and opposites.
  • The white background means peace.

What is the meaning of Tae Keuk Sa Jahng, the high green belt poomse?

  • The meaning of Tae Keuk Sa Jahng is “Thunder”. Thunder is one of the most powerful natural forces — circling, gyration. This poomse should be performed with this in mind.