Tae Kwon Do Study Guides - High Yellow Belt Kids

Taekeon and Soobakhi:

  • Taekeon and Soobakhi are two martial arts ancestors (great grand parents) of Tae Kwon Do.

How do you create power in a Tae Kwon Do technique?

  • Your foot and fists have to be strong and move really fast . You need to yell, concentrate, be confident, have balance.

Why do we wear different colored belts?

  • We have different belt colors to show different knowledge levels. The darker the belt color, the more knowledge there is.


Less Knowledge(Lighter Color) -------------------------> More Knowledge (Darker Color)

Why do we yell?

  • We yell to so that we can kick and punch extra hard. We kick even harder when we also believe in ourselves and concentrate really hard. The perfect recipe for a power kick or power punch is a good yell, confidence, and concentration.

What is the meaning of Tae Keuk Ee Jahng, the high yellow belt poomse?

  • The meaning of Tae Keuk Ee Jahng is “ Lake ”. Hidden inside of the deep parts of a lake, there are many treasures and mysteries. We should perform this poomse as if each movement is a treasure.