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“Ki Energy”

What does Ki mean??

  • Ki is a Japanese word that means energy, spirit, and power.

What is Ki?

  • We all have Ki inside of us and all around us. We cannot touch Ki, or see it. But, we can feel Ki. We feel Ki when we concentrate really hard on something. Do you know the feeling that you have when you concentrate on breaking a board? You feel ready, calm, and confident. This peaceful feeling is Ki. Have you ever seen the movie “Star Wars”? In this movie, Luke Skywalker learns how to use “The Force” when he has to fight the bad guys and Darth Vader. Well, Ki is kind of like “The Force” that Luke Skywalker uses.

Why is Ki Important?

  • Sometimes in life we have to do hard things, like breaking boards at Tae Kwon Do testing or doing lots homework from school. When we find out that we have to do hard things, we usually panic because we are afraid that we can't do them. But, if we can calm ourselves down and concentrate on what we need to do, we feel Ki. We feel ready, calm, and confident. And when we have this feeling, when we feel Ki, we can do anything.