Tae Kwon Do Study Guides - Yellow Belt Kids

Korean words about Tae Kwon Do:

  • Cha Kee — Kick
  • Mak Kee — Block
  • Jee Roo Kee — Punch
  • Poomse — Form

Why do we bow?

  • We bow to be polite to people and tell them that we respect them.
  • We bow to the flags before we come into Do Jahng and also before we leave.
  • We bow to the black belts and to each other when we say “Hello” and “Goodbye”.
  • We also bow to say “Thank you” and “You're welcome.”

What does the color yellow on the yellow belt mean?

  • Yellow represents the sunrise — the beginning of a new day.

What is the meaning of Tae Keuk Eel Jahng, the yellow belt poomse?

  • Tae Keuk Eel Jahng is the beginning of all the forms. Since it is the beginning, Tae Kuek Eel Jahng means “Heaven”. We should perform this poomse with the greatness and beauty of Heaven.